About Me

My real name is Sandy. Kat Kat is my “nickname”. It does not have anything to do with Katherine or Kathy. But it has something to do with cats, I hope you have guessed. 🙂

During the day, I am a software developer, enjoy working with small team of smart people making features/products that just work. I have worked on front end as well as back end projects, have learned to appreciate and respect both sides of the world. I value the quality of a product as much as being able to deliver on time.

Personally, my goal is to  make simple, intuitive, helpful solutions for users. No, it does not mean I am a front end engineer. There are lots that go into making of an intuitive product. I will write about them in this blog some time.

I value team spirit, value building good relationships with people. I learned that food and smile brings people together somehow. =)

Want more?

  • love chocolate
  • love cats, hope to be owner of a few cats in the near future
  • love gadgets
  • terrible with hand-eye coordination
  • learning photography
  • believe that smiles can bring out happiness in people

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